Tips for Spring HVAC Maintenance

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Spring in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina will be here sooner than you know it — so now’s the time to start planning your spring HVAC maintenance so that you’re good to go when the weather starts to get warmer. Not sure what you need to do? Well you’re in luck! We’re going to let you in on some tips on how to prep your HVAC system for spring.

Spring HVAC Maintenance to Keep Your System Running Right

If you’re getting ready to perform your spring HVAC maintenance, consider trying out the following steps:

  1. Test Your System: One of the best ways to prepare for spring is to test out your HVAC system to make sure that your air conditioning is working properly. Wait for a warmer day (so you don’t freeze, of course) and adjust your thermostat so that your air conditioning kicks on. Be sure to check that all of the vents in your house are open and aren’t obstructed. While it’s working, be sure to pay attention to weird sounds or strange odors. You’ll also want to be paying attention to see if you feel as if your home is actually cooling down. While you’re doing this, you may also want to test the accuracy of your thermostat by comparing the number it displays to the actual temperature in your home. 
  1. Fix Leaks And/Or Cracks Throughout Your Home: We get it - sometimes its hard to want to do any type of home improvement in the winter during the holiday season and even post-holiday when the weather is a little cooler. But it’s important to fix any issues such as cracks and leaks throughout your home in order to ensure efficiency and to keep your costs low for cooling during the spring. 
  1. Inspect Your Outdoor Unit: Another step in your spring HVAC maintenance plan should include taking a look at your outdoor unit. Make certain that your unit is level and free of debris. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, then contact your HVAC technician to come take a look.
  1. Schedule HVAC Maintenance with a Technician: Of course, we always recommend calling your HVAC technician before spring so that your system can reach its optimum performance. Be sure to let your technician know about anything you noticed during your first test run of your system. Your technician will inspect your system, clean in and around the unit, change the filters, and more. You may even want to ask your technician to perform an air duct test and cleaning depending on the last time you had that done.

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