How to Lower Humidity in Your House

A white portable dehumidifier sits on a tan floor in front of a white wall. To the left of the dehumidifier is a houseplant in an orange pot. To the right, a tan and brown couch.

Use of a Dehumidifier

The function of a dehumidifier is to remove the excess moisture in the air, thus reducing humidity, and then redistributing the de-moisturized air in your home. A high-quality dehumidifier does more than control moisture levels in the air, it also provides you with improved indoor air quality and ensures the HVAC system will work more efficiently.

Clean Your Air Conditioning Filters

A clean air filter is critical in preventing damage to your HVAC components. Also, a dirty air filter can restrict the air flow and cause your HVAC system to draw less moisture from your home. This situation causes your system to run less efficiently, and puts those components at risk. The summer season in the south comes with very high outdoor humidity which makes your HVAC system run longer most days. Changing your filter can help with maintaining the set temperature in your home.

Importance of Controlling Humidity

There are a number of problems that can cause high humidity. The following are two good examples: the temperature outside is not high enough to make the AC unit turn on, or the thermostat is set too high, not allowing the AC unit to turn on. Either one of these situations can lead to high humidity in your home. And any one of these two situations creates the environment for MOLD -this is BAD NEWS for the returning home owner.


Atlantic Heating & Cooling has the Solution for any homeowner who is experiencing high humidity in their home. Atlantic Heating & Cooling offers an Air Handler combination with an internet based thermostat that allows you to measure and control the HUMIDITY inside your home from your computer, tablet or phone. We have been helping folks for years avoid these costly situations, please take preventive measures with a proven solution!

The Importance of Learning How to Lower Humidity in Your House

So now that we’ve gone over the importance of proper humidity levels in your home. Let’s talk about why this is important information to know. In addition to increasing the energy efficiency in your home, lowering the humidity in your living space can also help ward off health related issues like allergies and other harmful particulates. 

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